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Spy Earpiece: A Micro Earpiece That Will Help You Through Presentations, Interviews, Speeches + More

This device originally developed for covert operations is now made available for the public to use. Each earpiece kit can provide a way for you to transmit and receive audio information without anybody in the room knowing. Whether you want to receive pre-recorded messages or information from another party to assist you during your presentation/interview or speech, the earpiece can be set up with your phone, audio recorder, radio, or MP3 player to send the message to your earpiece, placed in your ear channel so that it is undetectable.

Notable Organization Apps for the HTC Sensation

Smart phones like the HTC Sensation are much more than simple cell phones and portable access to the Web. They’re practically full-blown computers in the palm of our hands, and for many of us, they play a vital role in keeping us organized. This article will discuss some of the applications that make this smart phone a very good organizational tool.

What Makes Mobile Applications Development Special

The world currently has a population of around 7 billion people, and among those 7 billion people a good 65 percent of them use mobile phones. In today’s technology driven world, one can’t seem to survive without owning a cell phone.

Legally Monitor Your Smartphone With Cell Phone Recon Software

End the controversy of sharing location information with cell phone recon software. It is no small wonder that as quickly as technology advances, we have to continue to develop new laws to protect our privacy. Last week United States Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) introduced legislation that would require mobile companies and app developers to obtain consent from mobile device users before sharing location information with third parties.

iPhone 3GS Smart-Phone Evaluation

I am sure that almost everyone has heard about the iPhone. This is actually one of Apple’s best sellers for all time.

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