Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max: In-depth Comparison ⚔️

The Benefits of Pay As You Go Phones

When you go into a cell phone service provider and ask for the latest phone, they may give it to you for free. Providing, that is, that you sign a long and somewhat expensive contract with them. This is the best way to get the latest phones, but in the end, you may pay a whole lot more for nothing, making you wish you had gone with something else.

Nokia and Microsoft Partnership

So, today it was released that Nokia will be partnering with Microsoft to bring software, hardware and innovation all in to one place – however Nokia consumers have caused a stir and the news is less than an hour old. Consumers seem to believe, which is entirely incorrect as we see it, that the Symbian OS will be ditched all together – but it won’t… The possibilities of the partnership are totally endless – read on to for our view.

The Best Way to Find an Address Using Phone Number

If somebody has been calling you just to hang up during the wee hours of the night or if you think that your partner may be cheating on you and you have the phone number in hand, you will obviously want to find out additional details like the person’s name and of course, address. Thanks to the reverse phone search service, this is now possible! If you subscribe with the directory, you can get a personal report which will cover many aspects of the person’s information.

Challenging the Future of Prepaid

A very interesting fact to kick of this article is the growing trend of prepaid around the world at the moment. The growth rates of prepaid mobile and broadband plans (wireless connections) around the globe are growing on average at a compounding rate of 7.3%.

Cell Phone Wars

South Africa’s three biggest cell phone network providers are in the middle of an advertising war. In dispute are data speeds, service quality and, of course, 4G.

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