PlayStation 5 now supports 3D audio through TV speakers

Mobile Phone Contracts With No Credit Check

In today’ world, it seems you can’t go far without a cell phone. If you have less than immaculate credit, you can still get a killer deal on some of the most popular phones today.

5 Reasons to Never Get a Cell Phone Contract Again

Having the latest and greatest smart phone can mean having a very large bill. Although with industry secrets brought to light, you no longer need to sign lengthy contracts with high monthly costs.

4G Mobile Technologies Demystified

This article demystifies 4G mobile technologies. It talks about the technical details of this new technology.

Why Your Cell Phone Is Now More Prone to Bending and Damage

On why the modern mobile devices, like cell phones -especially smart phones- will be increasingly fragile and easy to damage. How the marketing trends rule over design for durability and ease of use.

How Your Cell Phone Bill Could Decrease By 50% In The Next 3 Years

Most Americans pay over a hundred dollars a month for their cell phone bill. And studies show that prices have kept increasing over the past years. However this article tells how this may be about to change as some low-cost European carriers show a high interest in penetrating the US market. This should hopefully translate into a drastic price decrease for the 91% of the adult population who owns a mobile phone today.

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