Reactions to iPhone 13/13 Pro, Apple Watch Series 7 & New iPad mini! – Event Recap

Which Factors Help You Decide to Buy a Smartphone?

With the ever increasing number of cool gadgets, consumers are presented with so much options to choose from, it’s getting more difficult for them to choose! The article illustrates mobile phone buying tips.

Android Or iPhone – What Will Be Your Pick?

Before Android made its foray into the tech world, it was fairly easy to choose a phone. Apple’s iPhone or iOS stood as an epitome of unbeatable quality. However, Android did not allow it to monopolize the market for long. It increased the difficulties for the iPhone by not only grabbing market share but also emerging as the preferred option when it comes to operating systems.

CDMA v/s GSM Handsets

CDMA known as Code Division Multiple Access and GSM known as Global System for Mobile Communications are the two common modes of communication technologies used by mobile phones manufactured these days. The demand for GSM mobile phones has always been higher due to its greater advantages over the CDMA handsets. However, CDMA although less popular, continues to be used by people these days because the range of facilities provided by both are almost the same.

Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

How come your smartphone battery barely makes it through the day, while your friend’s can last days upon days? Don’t let your battery die! There are many ways to get more life out of your smartphone battery!

Three Top Android Phones to Buy

Men love their phones and they will spend any amount of money to ensure they have the best. There are phones today that will do just about everything, apart from perhaps just brushing your teeth; some of these phones are so good you will just want to show it off to your friends. It may also be possible that all you want to do is to simply keep up with everyone else. If this is your desire, what you are looking for is an android phone; since there are so many in the market, we shall look at the top 3 android phones that will give you value for money:

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