REAL holograms! Going ‘hands-in’ with objects made of light

Blackberry Torch 9800: A Perfect Handset to Stay Communicated

Blackberry Torch 9800 is one of the most robust business handsets and it also has numerous multimedia features that make it a must have for the business professionals and mobile enthusiasts alike. The mobile phone may seem bulky at the onset but unlike the dimension it is quite light in weight with just 110 grams. And knowing that the phone intends to cater to the businesspersons, the manufacturer has provided great battery support with a talk time of up to five and half hours and a standby time of, up to 365 hours.

How to Save Your Water Damaged Phone?

Accidents happen every day and there is nothing that you can do to prevent them. Most people nowadays have mobile phones and in the course of using them, accidents are bound to happen. If your phone falls into water, having some knowledge on what to do may save your water damaged phone from total and complete breakdown. Here I will tell you about a few simple steps you may take to save your water damaged phone.

How to Select a Good Mobile Phone Wholesaler

If you want to cash in on the increasing popularity of the mobile phone by opening a store yourself, then you have to find a good wholesaler who would supply you the handsets and extend other support. Though it may sound problematic, selecting a good cell phone wholesaler is not difficult.

How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone

So, you dropped your cell phone in the toilet, took it for a swim, washed it with your favorite pair of pants, etc. No matter what the cause of the wetness is, in this article I will show you how you can save your cell phone from permanent damage.

Cash for Phones: Why You Should Sell Your Mobile Phones for Cash

A mobile phone is one of the few things a person cannot seem to live without. With the advancement of technology a person can practically do everything with his mobile phone – from accessing the Internet to placing a reservation with his favorite restaurant – mobile phones are a life saver. Owning a mobile phone gives someone so much communication capability that the number of mobile subscribers all over the world shoots up to 5.3 billion in just a few years.

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