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5 Crucial Mistakes That Must Be Avoided In Mobile Phone App Development

Any programmer with good programming skills can become an app developer with sufficient knowledge about mobile application development platforms. Even though the utilities for smartphones are called native apps, they are basically programs that are created for a specific reason. However, those who are experienced with PC application development will certainly find it difficult to develop an app for mobile phones because the smartphone environment is entirely different. Mobile phone app development can become a disaster if the developer doesn’t pay attention to the pitfalls that the environments and platforms present.

The HTC Sensation 4G – Taking You Into The Future

We all know how good HTC cell phones are, but what we really need is a phone that is capable of taking us into the future and all that 2012 has to offer, thankfully for us, the makers of HTC decided to launch the HTC Sensation 4G in June 2011. You may wonder what the difference is between this cell phone and those that don’t have the 4G label, including the ‘HTC Sensation’. The difference is the network that the phone runs on and the fact that it is a lot more secure and quicker to use as opposed to the 3G network.

All About Dual SIM and Multi SIM Phones

Dual SIM and multi SIM phones are relatively new types of cell phones. These phones usually have two or more slots for inserting two different SIM cards.

Business Growth Only a Tablet Away

Tablets are now more then just toys for big girls and boys. For business these devices are allowing us to move to a whole new level of productivity and increased revenue.Β Dead are the days of invoicing from the office, returning to your desk to check on your sales flow funnel.

4 Questions To Ask While Choosing Mobile App Development Company

For investors, business owners and entrepreneurs, the idea of tapping into the potential of smartphone users is inviting, but it is rather difficult to understand the technology behind smartphone apps. Even novice smart phone users know their way around a handful of apps. When you provide an app related to your business for mobile phone users, you can establish brand loyalty and expand your reach. You can’t develop an app on your own and you need to hire services of mobile app development company.

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