Resetting the Smart Home: A Fresh Start for Alexa, Siri and Google

Sprint to Announce Samsung Transform, Sanyo Zio, LG Optimus S

The LG Optimus S is making it to the high table of modern technology. At just over $150 this is one bargain that is not to be missed. The use of the Sanyo Zio technology is indicative of the kind of quality that the users can expect as a minimum when they go for the phone.

Microsoft Ready To Launch The Windows Phone 7

Sometime in the next twenty four hours, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer will take the stage at a New York press conference and officially announce the hardware for Microsoft newly developed Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s choice operating system for mobile devices and successor to its previous operating system for mobile devices, windows mobile that quickly fell out of favour as soon as apple’s iPhone was launched. Along with this, the CEO is also expected to announce the carriers for but AT&T is already ahead of the others as they too will be speaking at the conference.

Modern and Convenient Way of Mobile Recharge – Online Prepaid Recharge

One can avail the online prepaid recharge facility through a computer. One does not have to go to a retail shop. One does not have to call anyone for recharging the mobile.

Unknown Callers – Don’t Panic Everytime They Call

Do you panic every time your phone rings? Not knowing who’s calling may not be an issue for some. But to millions of people everyday, an anonymous caller can be horrifying. And when they start calling in the middle of the night it get be a pain in the butt to deal with.

The Solution to Balance Problems of a Mobile – Prepaid Mobile Recharge

A necessity and a companion, a mobile phone means a lot to people today. When the balance of the mobile finishes, one cannot make any calls and send messages. In such a situation, the mobile becomes useless and one becomes helpless if one is stuck in a state where mobile is the only option of getting help.

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