ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Unboxing – So Fast it’s Funny.

Now Make HD Quality Movies on iPhone 4S at 1080 Pixels

The feature studded iPhone 4S has been launched by Apple to offer users enriching set of functionalities. Apart from scaling up the processor to A5 dual core and rear camera to an 8 MP the talk of the town is the scaled up HD video recording. The end users will be able to record movies in high resolution mode in 1080 pixels.

Whats New in the iPhone 4S?

Apple has stunned the globe by releasing a new iPhone variant – iPhone4s. Apart from scooting up the rear camera feature to 8MP it will be pre-loaded with new iOS 5. The end users can get to leverage from the new iCloud services along with iMessage SMS service on their new iPhone 4S.

Tips On When You Should Purchase An iPhone

I often times have people ask me when they should purchase their first iPhone. You are acquainted with these men and women; they tend to be the ones that are still using their old Nokia mobile phone, actively playing the game, “Snake” (I really like that video game.) Those are the people who declare that they are going to obtain the upcoming iPhone that comes out, and at the time of this writing, the iPhone 4s is soon to be released, and they still haven’t purchased.

HTC Sensation XE: Coming This October

The mobile phones of today have managed to come out with a multitude of functions, which makes for great competition when produced and released by manufacturers. One of these mobile phones that have been outfitted to work on the competitive smartphone market would be the HTC Sensation XE mobile phone, which promises to deliver the best mobile phone capabilities in the market at a really affordable price.

Why Are QR Codes So Popular?

QR codes have increased in popularity over the last few years. Increased capacity to store information, ease of deciphering the information, multiple uses of these codes and the wide reach of QR codes are some of the reasons for their immense success.

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