SAMSUNG Galaxy A73 5G – The new mid-range King!

New Sony Xperia S Lands on Vodafone Deals After Launching on O2 and Orange Offers

The new flagship Xperia S from Sony has now been given a range of Vodafone contract deals after first launching on Orange and O2 pay monthly offers last week, the first smart phone to bear just the Sony name after the company dropped Ericsson from all future releases the Xperia S is their most advanced handset launch to date. Contract deals for the Sony Xperia S on Vodafone start with offers for a free phone for as little as just 26.00 GBP/line rental per month, this is on the Vodafone 100 package that allocates an average 250MB of data,…

Comparing Polycom IP 7000 to Other Models

Are you looking for the best IP Phone for your office? You can try using Polycom IP 7000. Compare it with other models and check if you will get more benefits from this brand.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) Benchmarked As Samsung Galaxy GT-I9300

A new set of results has just been published after testing of a new Samsung Galaxy model late last month, noted as the Galaxy GT-I9300 which many believe is the model number of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III). The results of these recent tests through GLBenchmark’s suite show a different screen resolution to that of the reported full HD 1080p expected on the new Galaxy S3, instead they show a 1196 x 720 pixel display which is exactly the same as the current Samsung Galaxy Nexus model. Believed to have been performed by one of Samsung’s…

Smart Phones Need Smart Users

Modern smart phones are amazing. I remember my reaction on seeing my first. It was a quantum leap away from the its immediate predecessors, and I was reminded of Arthur C. Clark’s famous quote “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Here in my hands, was pure Voodoo. Yet as with all things new, human beings have an uncanny ability to assimilate the shock of the new and convert it into the commonplace faster that technology can keep pace, and in no time at all it’s all so taken for granted. Familiarity, they say, breeds contempt.

Will the Android Tablet Surpass the Apple iPhone?

The question on everyone’s mind is if the Android tablet will surpass the Apple iPhone? Many experts and lay people feel that the Android tablet is already taking Apple by surprise. The Android tablet is a highly innovative and cutting edge device that is sweeping people off of their feet.

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