Samsung Galaxy S21 event in 12 minutes

Is Your Phone Spying on You in the Bathroom?

A group of hackers is installing malicious software onto smartphones by hiding it in innocent looking apps. The malware – designed to detect a bathroom setting – then silently takes pictures with a phone’s camera and sends them back to the hackers for future use.

Leveraging Your Smartphone to Maximize Efficiency

A few of my personal favorite Android applications that will improve your life. So much data slips by you everyday, these applications will assist you to gather and analyse this data to improve your life.

Smartphones Playing With Your Privacy

Technology is a vital part of our everyday lives and has been evolving exponentially for the past few decades. Just as the evolution of technology has called for advances in science and IT, it has demanded an increase in protection of our data. With the amount of data that we carry now in our pockets, one would think that privacy security would be in the forefront of our minds, but it is actually the opposite. Many things have changed, mostly due to the development of the smartphones, but so has the culture around the smartphone and the people who use them.

How to Enhance the Performance of Android Phones

Is your phone running slow? Look, what we have for you! Android is a name which every smartphone user is aware of due to its user- friendly interface and customization options. However, when we load our smartphones with multiple applications, then it starts working slowly. It’s not our fault if we are loading applications,

Is It Time to Buy Your Cell Phone?

For many years it was almost impossible to purchase a cell phone directly. The “Cell Service Providers” (used to be called cell phone providers) wanted to control their customers by locking them into the infamous 2-year contract.

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