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Communication Is Key for Emergency Preparedness

Food and water storage are not the only ones you should start thinking about. Another aspect of emergency preparedness which is often neglected or included is communication.

Should You Sell Your Cell Phone for Cash?

So, you’ve just gotten a new cell phone. Congratulations! Few things compare to the excitement of opening and using a brand new phone. There’s only one problem… what do you do with the old one? It still works, and it isn’t all scratched up or dirty. A homeless shelter might take it, but they might not. A recycling center would, but why recycle a phone that’s in perfectly good working condition? Is there a third option?

Did You Know You Can Sell Your Cell Phones for Cash?

Do you have old phones leftover from upgrades, and nothing to use them for? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, then I have another one for you- did you know that you can sell your cell phones for cash?

Make Money Selling Old Cell Phones for Cash

With the state of the economy, money’s tight. You might have noticed that you have to be more careful where and how you spend your money, and you might have even started exploring some new revenue options. If this is the case, have you ever considered selling old cell phones for cash?

Sell Old Cell Phones for Cash – A Guide

Have you considered trying to sell old cell phones for cash? Chances are, you’ve looked at the main routes people usually use for getting rid of second-hand goods- your local sales paper, the newspaper classifieds, Craigslist, or even a consignment shop. Chances are, too, that you haven’t had any luck with those kinds of places.

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