Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra 6G | First 6G Smartphone!

Samsung Releases Nexus S, The Next Generation Of Google Phone

Samsung and Google recently released the next generation of the Google Phone, the Nexus S. Several new features and sales strategies have the companies hoping the device fares better than its predecessor, the Nexus One. The biggest difference is that the Nexus S, which is based on the same mold as Samsung’s Galaxy S, was made available through electronics chain Best Buy.

Why I Love The iPhone – But It Does Have Bad Points

My favourite thing is my Apple iPhone. It is sleek, sexy and is capable of fulfilling every multimedia need you could ever have. It is a beautiful handset, shiny and black, and although installing your SIM is a pain in the behind, once you’re up and running, it really is simple and instinctive to use.

Reasons Why Children Need Cell Phones And How They Learn To Use Them

Everyone would agree that in today’s world, raising children is very different. Children are different. They communicate differently and are generally more confident than their parents were when they were children.

5 Very Interesting And Popular Cell Phones On The Market

There is a lot of hype today about The HTC Desire cell phone. It includes top-end hardware with the latest version of Android and the Sense UI. It runs incredibly smoothly.

Texting – Advantages And Disadvantages

Recently, I heard about the introduction of cell phones into Africa and how there is prolific use of them for texting by the young people, especially in the Universities to connect socially and academically. Not only young people there are doing this – adults are also increasingly using them.

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