Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Fold 4 – Which should you Buy?

Reasons for Cell Phone Popularity

People are typically intelligent and would not easily get fond of new things without further looking deeper into the advantages that they can get from it. People are usually smart and with all the innovations that happen at our present time, there are some that would fail to win the hearts of people while there are those who would undoubtedly treasure the things that proved to be of great worth.

How Often Do You Change Your Ringtone?

There are so many ringtones out there for us to download that really we are spoilt for choice. It would make sense for us to change our ringtones frequently so that we can have different music depending on our mood.

Mobile Location – Part 6 – What Is Enhanced Cell ID?

Network Cell ID (NCID) is the simplest positioning method in a GSM network, but delivers poor accuracy. One way to improve the accuracy is to use additional information. Systems that use this information are known as Enhanced Cell-ID or ECID.

Free Cell Phone Lookup – Is There Any Such Thing?

Is there any truth in the claim that you can run a free cell phone lookup online? Many have become very angry when they come across a website that appear to be free, but in the end turn out to not be. A lot of people think that this is the case for cell phone lookups as well.

Huawei Ascend Review

A China based Huawei brand may not be well known in U.S, however this changed with Huawei Ascend, an Android 2.1 phone selling at Cricket Wireless. Cricket does not ask you to sign any contract and it has a price tag of $150, but in contrast Cricket’s Sanyo Zio costs $180 and runs on outdated Android 1.6 Operating system. The Ascend includes a 3.5 inch HVGA touch screen, Wi-Fi and 3G. The handset is neat, sleek and impressive. Yet there are few demerits that you will have to just overlook. It has 2.5 mm headset jack instead of standard 3.5mm jack. Cricket has also choked home screen and app tray with nearly a dozen preloaded apps that are not removable in Settings application manager. Despite these issues, the Ascend is Cricket’s best handset in terms of hardware.

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