Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 vs Flip 3 – Which should you Buy?

The iPhone 4S Offers the New IOS 5 Operating System

The iPhone 4S offers the new iOS 5 operating system which provides an intuitive user interface as well as remaining one of the most robust and stable mobile operating systems currently on the market. The system includes more preinstalled apps than ever before including an advanced voice recognition app and better notifications.

An Interesting App For Your Mobile Phone

There are interesting apps today that can help with daily tasks including family budget management. There is an interesting app for those with Android phones.

Make Calls Around the World

When you’re out travelling the world, it’s important to be able to connect to friends and family back home so you can share stories of your travels and learn about the things that have happened while you’ve been away. However, being half way across the world and using a traditional mobile phone package to call home can put a significant strain on your travel budget. When you’re travelling far from home, for long periods of time, it can be both comforting and reassuring to be able to hear the voice of a friend or family member on the other…

How iPhone Apps Are Making Their Way Into a Car Near You

Have you ever wished that big navigation screen that is fixed in your car could live up to its potential by doing more than just giving you directions, showing you the radio station, and updating you on vehicle information? Have you ever wished you could see your Pandora stations as they play and had the ability to skip and like songs at will in the convenience of your car? Are you a techie and just like the idea of a car doing much more than just driving down the road? If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions, this article will spark your interests. With technology seeping its way into everything we use on a regular basis, it is no surprise it has made its way into our vehicles time and time again. This article will outline how the “App” is breaking the mold of onboard entertainment in 2012.

Electromagnetic Radiations

Modern technology uses a lot of electrical and field energies. Mobile phones, phone masts, power lines, wireless networks are all human technologies that involve radiation field-effects. All these technologies use the electromagnetic spectrum. All energy, in fact, exists somewhere on that spectrum,micro waves, and dangerous high-energy gamma radiation. This text covers electromagnetic radiation, its effects & few safety measures to be taken.

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