Samsung’s Ark is HUGE. But at $3,500, it leaves a lot of ambition on the table. #shorts

Mobile Smartphone Industry Continues Its Explosive Growth, Expected to Grow 55.4% in 2010

Smartphones are continuing their upward trend in sales and volume. More and more people are starting to replace their bulkier PC’s for the convenience and mobility of smartphones that for the most part could handle most of the functions they need. The rapidly growing mobile internet infrastructure also contributes to the success of smartphones and WiFi/3G/4G enabled devices including products such as the iPad.

How to Compare Unlimited Mobile Broadband Plans

Want to get an unlimited mobile broadband plan but not sure which one to choose? Here’s a guide to deciding.

The New 4G Delivers Super Fast Mobile Internet

Gone are the days when mobile phones are so chunky and heavy to carry, with just a maximum of four-liner screen display, which are not even colored; and just offered call service, not text. Well, those days are gone! Because in this generation, mobile phones get better and better.

Sony Ericsson Satio Contract – Curb Down Expenses

In Sony Ericsson Satio contract deals, you get the opportunity to get mobile phone either free of cost or by paying small amount of money. You cannot change your network provider in the specified period of time. In return of this service you need to pay affordable and reasonable monthly rental.

Laptop With Mobile Phones – A Pleasantly Shocking Deal

As the demand of a cell phone is increasing in our life so is the competition in the market. The mobile manufacturers are coming up with new hi-tech phones and awesome deals to attract the new customers and hold on to the old ones.

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