Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch interface revealed

Staying Connected Has Never Been Easier

Technology has, without a doubt, changed every aspect of our lives, communication included. From times when even reaching out to concerned people was difficult, we can now reach out to millions in just seconds.

The Differences Between a Mobile Website and a Mobile Native Application

After talking with many small business owners, it occurred to me that many people are not aware that there is a significant difference between a Mobile Website and a Mobile App. A mobile website is simply the ability to have your website organized and be responsive for mobile viewers. A mobile native application, is an application program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device. So what’s the big deal? A lot!

How The Mobile Phone Contract Industry Is Finally Changing

The Mobile Phone industry is shifting, finally. Consumer power means we are exposed to contracts and agreements that come with far higher flexibility in comparison to a few years ago. Conventionally locked into long term, one or two year contracts with strict allowances that if abused would result in hefty charges, we as consumers now have far more choice across mobile phone networks and retailers, holding more power and control on our mobile phone usage.

Basic Mobile Marketing Tips for Business Owners

Marketing your company isn’t easy, especially if you are a boot strap business. First, you have to come up with a budget that is affordable and gives you a competitive advantage at the same. Then you have to develop creative content and even visual aids (sometimes).

Top Free Android Apps: For Android Lovers

Here’s is a collection of the Top Free Android Apps for your Android device, all these apps are available to download for free from Google App Store. Get your favorite app and enjoy your day…

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