Snapchat’s new AR camera can identify the world around you

Should There Be Social Rules About Cell Phone Use in Schools or the Workplace?

Many a time cell phone use in schools or the workplace become the source of annoyance and inconvenience for others. So there props up the question whether we need to have social rules in these places. Let’s discuss the issue. Look inside to find out.

How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone For Yourself

There are many points to be considered when choosing the best mobile phone. Make sure it supports 4G network connection, has a powerful CPU, ample RAM and storage, and a battery backup to support all your activities.

Latest Trends in the iOS Arena

Apple claims to be the trendsetter in the realm of technology! Whatever apple puts to practice becomes the benchmark for others to live up to. It’s no surprise that Apple’s audience reach is continuously expanding. That also means that the competition in the iOS app development off late has been huge. In this article, we’ll have a look at the most promising developments in the iPhone’s arena.

Smart Phone Communication In The Digital Age

The Smart Phone provides you with choice and the means to manage your time by allowing you to choose when and where you will communicate. If you choose to allow your Smart Phone to interrupt your daily routine, you defeat its purpose.

Apple Mobiles: For Unique Features That Only an iPhone User Can Enjoy

Let’s admit it. Somewhere deep down, we all feel a tinge of envy when we see someone enjoying the benefits of an Apple iPhone. After all, who wouldn’t be able to resist the simple and easy-to-use interface, alluring designs, great reliability, exciting app store and finally, the great user experience that Apple phones have for you? So, if you have been the fox who has been convincing yourself that the grapes are sour all along, it’s time to shop for the latest Apple mobiles online and finally buy yourself the phone you deserve.

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