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Tips On How to Find Out Who a Cell Phone Number Owner Is From Home With Ease

Are you one of the 100,000 people that are looking for a cell phone number owner monthly? You know, I got curious and I decided to check how many people are making such searches. I was amazed to find such large figures. Then I started wondering, why are so many people looking for information on a cell phone number owner?

Whose Phone Number Is This

Whose phone number is this? It is very possible that you received a call from an unknown number on your cell and you are just wondering who the caller could be. You probably were not there when the phone rang and you are just curious.

Whose Telephone Number Is This

Do you need information on the owner of a telephone number? You can easily find such information free of charge on the internet.

The War of Mobile Operating System

Now mobile has become a multipurpose device and a true friend who always remains with you. You can survive without your credit card but imagine what will happen if you don’t have your mobile handset with you. You become physically paralyzed. Now a day people are crazy of latest versions of mobile which are equipped with new technologies and latest features, and it has become penchant for masses…

Mobile Location – Part 5 – What Is Network Cell-ID?

As explained in part 1 of this series, whenever a mobile phone makes a call, the Network Operator can establish through which cell site the phone is communicating. Based on the location of the cell site, the Operator is able to estimate the location of the phone. In a particular network, the cell site has a unique identifier known as the Cell Identifier or Cell-ID.

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