SONY T2021i 5G (2021) Legendary Sony Ericsson T68i Returns!

The Latest Treat From Your Favorite BlackBerry Store

The new BlackBerry Torch 9860 is the coolest phone in BlackBerry stores nowadays. Improve its performance with original and customized BlackBerry Torch accessories. Select accessories that mirror your style and maximize your new phone’s features.

The Likely Features of the iPhone 5

The likely features of the iPhone 5 to be released in the summer of this year include a surprising change in some of the most renowned features and areas of design which the previous five models have offered. To always keep ahead of the competition, Apple is likely to provide a new handset with some design changes, a better processor and more advanced main camera.

How Much Do Teenagers Text?

The amount of texting that teenagers do is quite high. Many teens go over 5,000 messages a month.

Phantom Phone Calls and Messages – Triggered By Stress or No Big Deal?

A strange phenomenon is occurring for millions of cell phone users – the phantom phone call. Have you ever felt your phone vibrate, pull it out to answer it, and realize it wasn’t ringing? Have you felt the vibration of a text or email only to find out nothing came in?

Mobile Phones in Schools

Most people will say that allowing kids and teenagers to bring, and have switched on, their mobile phone into their school is a recipe for, at the least distraction, and at worst, a tool for bullying. The answer to those may be impossible to discern right now. One of the reasons that teachers are increasingly anti, cons or against them in the classroom is that there has been a huge increase in the number of staged incidents, in which pupils are “setting up” their teachers.

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