Sony Xperia 1iii UNBOXING

The Sony Xperia S Provides PlayStation in HD

The Sony Xperia S provides PlayStation in HD allowing you to enjoy gaming through its large high definition touch display along with the power of its dual core processor for speed. The handset also features a 12 megapixel camera for HD, plenty for music lovers and more.

The iPhone 4S Provides the Powerful A5 Processor

The iPhone 4S provides the powerful A5 processor which delivers a dual core experience up to seven times faster with graphics processing. This allows better speed and faster responsiveness with the newest iPhone which also offers a better camera, newer and improved operating system, and advanced voice commend software.

We Look At The My Secret Folder Application For The iPhone 4S

The word “cunning” is not one that you would normally associate with applications for the iPhone 4S but My Secret Folder deserves this title. The software includes not one but two four digit passwords. The first one you enter is a decoy in case anybody happens to be watching what you type on screen. When this is entered a number of normal photographs are displayed but none that are locked within the software.

Windows Phone – The Future of Phones

Microsoft is gearing up to release new smart phones at a mid-range price that will directly compete with high-end Droid and iPhone options. Nokia and Samsung hope to combine their software with a stripped-down phone version that will have plenty of features including mobile computer networking, voice to speech recognition, text to speech, all with a more intuitive design.

The HTC Sensation XL With Instant Capture Camera

The HTC Sensation XL with instant capture camera makes taking photos extremely easy along with the easy to use editing software to provide the perfect photo finish. Additionally, there is plenty of music support along with intuitive features for messaging, social networking and more.

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