Sony Xperia Pro-I hands-on

Make Mobiles Your Friend Not Enemy

Although nothing is indispensable in this world, it is tough to imagine our lives today without a mobile phone. We all have become so used to these handy gadgets, that imagining a life or even spending a single day without a mobile is simply very difficult. The mobiles have provided so much freedom to us regarding communication and connectivity needs that we feel handicapped without these tiny yet extremely useful devices. Slowly and gradually every one of us, ranging from the professional to the housewives, students and teenagers, are accustomed to using mobile phones. Today we can hardly find people without a phone.

QR Codes: What Are They, and How Can They Help Your Business?

QR Codes have enhanced the mobile phone industry no end, and are “two dimensional barcodes” that are used to scan data via a mobile phone. The code consists of black modules behind a white background, which encode some kind of application. For example, they can encode a URL, a document piece of data, or anything you like.

Traveling Applications for Smart Phones Like the HTC Thunderbolt

There isn’t one aspect of life that smart phones do not cover. Many smart phones come equipped with many features and capabilities that make travelling easier. The Thunderbolt is a smart phone made by HTC and it comes ready to help you safely get from one location to the other with all of the GPS and driving capabilities it has. After reading this article the reader will have a great understanding of many different driving features and of GPS applications that are out there for smart phones like the HTC Thunderbolt.

Has the iPhone Taken a Dive?

Warning Will Robinson, Warning! Has the iPhone hit a bump in the road?

iPhone 4 – The Best Smartphone for the Business Professional

The iPhone 4 may be looked at as just another gadget for Apple fans, but for business-minded users, it is the best phone ever made. This is not because of its hardware features, such as a faster processor, higher resolution, or even multi-tasking. The iPhone 4’s advantage comes from unappreciated functions.

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