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Cell Phone Marketing: A Trend Worth Watching

People are wondering why digital marketing is evolving at such a fast pace. The answer to that is easy – why not? It has always been that way since the trend emerged. Changes happen drastically and very much often. Change happens so fast that a wise woman once said that internet marketing is the only business where you work 24 hours a day so you could make money in your sleep! The thing is, the trend is changing again. Since more and more people are focused on their SMS messaging and that many cell phones now have the ability to use an internet browser, cell phone marketing has lately become the most obvious trend.

Why 2011 Is the Best Time to Make a Huge Profit by Selling iPhone Apps

In the last year, I have done a considerable amount of research regarding iPhone apps and the fact is that I have found this to be sound and true…they are on a constant rise and are in even greater demand for 2011 and beyond. iPhone app developers have the biggest advantage now more than ever because of the many different application categories and it truly is a huge niche market for any loyal user group.

How to Choose the Right Sprint Phone Plan

If you are looking at various Sprint phone plans and still not sure which one to pick, hopefully this article will help you – I have been through choosing a phone plan for myself recently and here’s what I’ve learned about various options they offer. Here is an important thing though, before you commit to any plan, best go to website and enter your zip code in order to see the most relevant offers and check for wireless coverage – because, as you probably know already, not every spot of the land is…

Tooth Tag

Wow, the smart phone by Android is getting even smarter than its competitors. Android 2.1 has a new application called Tooth Tag that has been put together by the group NeuAer programmers. This smart device is supposed to make your life easier and more fun while you are out and about.

Cell Phone Spy Software – Its Application Today

Cell phone spy software or mobile phone spy software is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after mobile apps today. Companies, organizations, spouses and parents are using them to help them solve problems of cheating, unfaithfulness and misuses. Because of the special features of these mobile phone spy or cell phone spy software, these people find them very useful for their specific uses.

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