SpaceX reveals Orbital Sunset from Dragon’s Cupola

Samsung: A Brief History of Korea’s Most Successful Business

The beginning of the Samsung Corporation can be traced back to 1938 when a small trading business of just 40 employees worked under the name ‘Samsung Sanghoe’ and was led by a young entrepreneur named Lee Byung-chull; but far from being the electronics giant it is today, this early company specialized in cooking and selling noodles. A highly successful business, its popularity was assured when it moved to a new headquarters in the South Korean capital of Seoul in 1947. Byung-Chull expanded his business prospects across a range of industries including the insurance, security, and retail…

Nokia: The History of the Business

Nokia was first established as a communications business in Finland in 1987, and during the course of their existence have come to specialize primarily in mobile phone production, a success due in part to its joint venture with Siemens telecommunications to form ‘Nokia Siemens Networks’. Nokia’s rise to prominence was not an overnight success. The company had been making commercial mobile radio technology as far back as the 1960s, which included producing the kind of technology that would soon become an integral part of car phone capabilities.

How Can Any Business Benefit From Smartphone Apps Development?

We live in a fiercely competitive world where survival is not an easy task. Even in the world of business, there is a lot of competition and the businesses have to compete with each other to remain in the race. Capitalism and consumerism have allowed the consumers to have a lot of options when it comes to choosing any product or services. Hence, it is very difficult for any business to awe the consumers. Businesses need to have access to tools that will assist them in winning over the consumers. Smartphone applications are one of those tools that can be very beneficial to any business.

Useful Smartphone Apps Development Tips

Smartphone apps development is not an easy process and people have to spend a lot of time and effort to make it a success. In today’s world, smart phones are everywhere and they are used by a wide range of people. Also, there are numerous brands that manufacture these mobile devices. Hence, developing applications for the smartphones is a lucrative business through which, people can make a decent amount of money. In order to be successful as an app developer, you will have to make sure that the applications that you create are liked by the people.

Android Apps Development – Mistakes to Avoid

Android is a free and open source operating system which has revolutionized the world of smartphones. Thousands of people from across the globe use mobile devices powered by this unique operating system. Hence, it is of no surprise that Android apps development has become a very lucrative business for many apps developers who aspire to make a mark in the world of apps development. However, as many of these individuals are amateurs with little experience in the world of software development and they often end up making some mistakes. These mistakes often affect the quality and performance of the apps they develop.

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