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Nokia Lumia 800 Gets Cheapest Deals on T-Mobile

The first of the Windows powered smart phones from Nokia has now been released in the UK, the new Nokia Lumia 800 now has deals available on O2, Orange and T-Mobile networks with contract offers including free gifts available for consumers to order now. T-Mobile are the third UK network to launch deals for the new Nokia Lumia and are now offering the cheapest package that includes a free phone, this is on the ‘T-Mobile £25 + Internet’ tariff which cost £25.53 line rental per month and includes 500 text messages, 500 minutes of calls and 500MB of data…

5 Of the Best Nokia Phones of 2011

Currently, when you hear the word “phone” you instantly think of the iPhone or some other flashy gadget in the market. Little do we know that there are a bunch of good quality phones out there that are way below the price level of the iPhone. Where else can see get quality phones with great prices but from Nokia.

Recognizing Cost Savings By Streamlining Mobile Management

Managing your mobile network offers every business owner an opportunity to save money and increase their profits. For more information, click here…

Is This The Last Truly Unlimited Cell Phone Plan?

During the past year, unlimited cell phone plans that include unlimited data have been vanishing fast. First, AT&T started charging you extra money if you went over 2 GB. Next, Verizon Wireless joined in also charging extra for going over 2 GB. Why, you might ask? Simple, with services like Pandora who offer streaming music and Netflix who offers streaming movies and shows, people were overusing their data plans downloading these services. This was putting a strain on their data networks.

Mobile – A Boon or A Bane?

Technology is one of the best wonders in our lives. We are living in the world of changing technology. As days are passing by the technology is developing and growing at an alarming rate. And we need to get accompanied with this changing technology. As it makes our lives faster, easier and saves our valuable time. One of the best gifts by technology is telecommunication, and that too wire free telecommunication. Yes, I’m talking about the very commonly and largely used telecommunication device called mobile. One of the most common word & communicative electronic device that most of us have heard & seen is, ‘Mobile Phone / Mobile / Cell Phone used for voice, text & data communication. Can be easily carried in our pockets to any corner of the world, easy to use, not only but also communication can take place anywhere in the Universe with the help of this wonder gadget. In the modern era, this is commonly observed with youngsters. It has become a part of living for most of us. Everything has its own advantage(s) and disadvantage(s). Scientists invent or discover things for a good reason. But, as time passes by people start utilizing it in negative ways.

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