Super73 ZX electric bike hands-on: The power and range you need

The Phone Swipe Smartphone Credit Card Payment Processing Application Explained in Plain English

Phone Swipe is a new way to take credit card, debit card or gift card payments with an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile phone. It is the perfect payment processing tool for merchants who sell at flea markets, craft fairs, offer deliveries or do service calls.

Getting the Right Business Phone Plans Is Like Watching Flowers Bloom in Spring

Forgive me this indulgence as I draw a long bow with this euphemism, but I do get really excited about business phone plans and nothing saddens me more than seeing a business with the wrong plan. If you don’t think strategically about your business mobile phones and a small business phone system, you could end up with staff members that are unproductive and unhappy. Almost worse, you could end up spending thousands more per month than you would spend if you had the right business phone plans.

Is iPhone Still The Best Smartphone In The Market?

There was a time when the iPhone was the undisputed king of smartphones. While it still tops in sales, there are several competitors that can match the iPhone and even surpass it in capability. This leads to the debate: is the iPhone still the best smartphone? That question may not have a definitive answer. Depending on who you ask, it could be answered with a resounding yes or overwhelming no. To bring some clarity to this debate, we must look at the differences between the iPhone and its competitors.

Looking to Buy an Extra Battery for Your Phone? Here’s How to Go About It!

At one point or another, people with mobile phones may need to get replacement mobile phone batteries for some reason. This could be due to a malfunction with their current battery, or they could just be looking to get an extra battery that would act as a backup.

Government Subsidized Cell Phones From SafeLink Is One Way to Save Money

For someone who has had billing problems the idea of getting a free phone with minutes is a very appealing way to save. There is such a service for people in need called SafeLink. The service which is a branch of the Tracfone Company is subsidized by the United States Government.

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