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A Wi-Fi Phone Is Different From Other Telephones

The telephone has been in existence for many years. The earlier versions of these devices hung on the wall in homes and businesses and when you wanted to make a call to another person you simply picked up the receiver and cranked a handle. The handle caused a light to light up on a switchboard where an operator would connect the wire and speak to you. A Wi-Fi phone is a little more complex than this.

Knowing About Wi-Fi Phones

Wi-Fi phones are mobile devices that use VoIP to make phone calls. VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. Voice over Internet Protocol uses radio signals to transmit the phone conversations by adapting the analog signal you hear to a digital signal that can be received by other device. The digital signal is then converted back into an analog signal that you can hear.

How Are the Smart Phones Different From the Regular Phones?

A good many of the baby boomer generation, and some others, have not completely joined the age of technology. Most of us have heard about cell phones, you cannot miss that they are everywhere, and some of us have been hearing the terms Android phones, Smart phones, and things of that nature. But, what does it take to make smart phones instead of just plain old phones?

Buying Android Phones Online

Buying Android phones online can be a great way to save money on the devices you want. There are some things you need to watch out for when buying Android phones online or any other electronic device from internet based stores.

Thoughts on Android Phones

Before October of 2008 the Android phones were not available for customers to purchase. The Android phones are powered by a Linux based operating system that is designed for the use on touchscreen devices like smartphones and computer tablets.

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