TCL’s first foldable phone gets Samsung’ed out of existence

Basic Guidelines For Buying Second Hand Mobile Phones

Investing in mobile technology is a must for every entrepreneur these days. If you are worrying that you do not know how to determine if the mobile device you are planning to purchase is indeed a ‘good buy,’ then, you have come to the right place.

How Different Is iPhone 6 From iPhone 5S?

With each new version of a phone that is released, every new company tries to add in a few more distinguishing features all the time. So when Apple announced the launch of its newest phone, the iPhone 6, iPhone 5S users were probably already thinking about changing over. Apple has been a pioneer when it comes to invention and while the iPhone 6 hasn’t really become a game changer, in the aspet that it’s introducing NFC technology for the first time in Apple phones, something that’s been there in Android phones for long, there is no denying the fact that the iPhone 6 is a star in itself.

How Smartphone Retailers and Networks Are Secretly Taking More Of Your Money, Each Year

Every year UK consumers are paying more and more for their mobile phone contracts, proving an obsession with the latest smartphone technology, where paying premium prices has become the norm. How have retailers and networks made it so easy to take our money? This article explains exactly how deals have changed and are presented in the UK mobile phone market, and how consumers are increasingly locked into contracts.

Cheap Cell Phone Service – What The Major Carriers Don’t Want You To Know

Cell phone service used to be very expensive. Now that mobile phones have become a necessity, the cost is significantly cheaper. Major carriers have been losing money to companies that are allow to provide the same quality service for a fraction of the cost. The two year contract is no longer a necessity. A cheap cell phone plan is available through pre-paid cell phone service.

Five Fab Features of the iPhone 6

Apple has recently launched the iPhone 6. Blending stylish design with seamless integration of technology, iPhone symbolizes brilliance in the smartphone category. It is this brilliance that makes it the world’s most loved smartphone.

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