Tesla’s so-called Full Self-Driving just got even more controversial

Will It Be ‘The One’ for HTC – The HTC ‘One’

A new front runner sees the light of the day from the stables of HTC and this time they have dropped all suffixes – it is simply called ‘One’. HTC seems to have set a benchmark for new mobile phones with this device, in terms of hardware specifications, design, build quality, camera technology and the display. If you look at the specifications of the phone, it sounds no less than a computer – literally, apart from the screen size, of course!

To BB, or Not to BB – The New BlackBerry 10

The BlackBerry 10 operating system, launched on the 30th January by ‘BlackBerry’, formerly known as ‘RIM’ (Research In Motion) is being seen as the final attempt by the company to make itself stand out amidst the growing crowd of Android and iOS devices. The new BlackBerry 10 OS also saw the launch of two new and very different mobile phones: · The full touchscreen Z10 – sporting a 4.2 inch screen, a 1…

Samsung Galaxy Grand – Grand Features, Humble Price!

Android has become really big, so have the phones that run it and Samsung has added another big screen phone to the Galaxy line-up – the Galaxy Grand Duos with a dual-SIM functionality. This phone was announced just a day after the Micromax Canvas HD was announced and both phones will be available in early February. The Galaxy Grand comes with Samsung’s innovative features like S Voice, Smart Stay, Popup Video and Multi-Window.

How Many Smart Phones Do You Use In Your Small Service Business?

Nearly four decades ago, I had one of the first cell phones, nothing like today, it was a carry bag the size of a six-pack cooler with a huge battery sending out the signal with 3-watts. Not too impressive compared to the sleek iPhone latest model, but it worked and I had one, while my competition didn’t. I won, or did I at nearly $800.00 to $1,000.00 per month phone bills? Fast forward 15-years and I was busy franchising my business and I had three cell-phones.

How to Reduce the Size of Your iCloud Backup to Avoid Risking Your Data

As you accumulate data on your iPhone or iPad, it is possible the total size of the iCloud backup can exceed the storage limit. When the storage limit is reached, you will receive a notification on your device indicating the iCloud storage is full. At this point, no additional backups to iCloud can be performed. If your data is important to you, this article will provide some suggestions to reduce unnecessary data and keep the iCloud backup working.

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