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How to Update Your BlackBerry Device Software

The BlackBerry service is available for all users – here they have access to any news about software updates or be able to answer any questions that users may have about working the latest software that has been added or how to work certain aspects of the BlackBerry phone. The main use of the BlackBerry service is to hold all the updates for the devices, along with information on how to safely and confirm the download and installment of the software.

Improving the Battery Life on Your iPhone

Many iPhone users tend to have issues with the longevity of their batteries. The common complaint being that the batteries are defective because they run out too fast. In most cases, this is untrue. The phone’s battery life can be enhanced with a few tweaks. These include:

How Can I Spy On My Boyfriends Cell Phone?

Ever suspected that your boyfriend was cheating on you but you had no way to prove it? There are certain spying apps out on the market that will allow you to spy on his phone. You’ll need to check your local laws, of course, but spying on your boyfriend’s cell phone has never been easier.

Why It’s Good To Recycle Mobile Phones

How to gain from one of Britain’s biggest throw away cultures, old mobile phones. We explore how you can recycle mobile phones though the post and help the environment.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 In New White Colour Scheme Released

The new white BlackBerry Bold 9900 is expected to be released by more UK networks over the coming days with contract deals from both O2 and Orange expected to be a similar price to the current Vodafone deals. This white model is currently an exclusive handset to the ‘Phones4U Group’ in the UK until the limited time launch period will finish and other retailers will be allowed to sell this new white edition.

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