The Craziest Laptop Screen I’ve Ever Seen…

Mobile Applications and Its Benefit in Business

A mobile phone application can be a major boon to a shrewd business owner as it is an excellent and powerful means of directly raising awareness about the company that is responsible for producing it. Please do not be too misled by the name, for a mobile phone application does not simply relate to a mobile phone but indeed, any handheld device operated by a person.

Reduce Your Bills With Cheap International Calls

Growing need of mobile phones have increased the demand of various calling cards that will help in reducing the bills with cheap international calls. Earlier it was very difficult to give a call to the person living overseas as it not only involved a tiresome process of trunk calls but also wasted lot of time.

The Rise of the Mobile Phone

There are so many new gadgets out there that are called phones, iPhone, cell phone, Blackberry, which I thought for a long time that was fruit, blueberry, oh no wait that is Bluetooth, whatever that is. Yes I realize I must come into the twenty first century but frankly I don’t think I really need all of that, and many people don’t need it either, they just think they do.

Upcoming Flip Phones – Bravia S004 (Ericsson) – News

You won’t hear much about flip phones these days. The “trend” seems to be focused so much on touch-sensitive units with virtual keypads etc. However the mobile giant Sony Ericsson is going to introduce a device named Bravie S004 (hopefully in the middle of August or November – not official though).

Compare the Rates Before You Go – Pay As You Go Mobile Phone Deals

Soon the Contract phone deals have hit the market and people found it an easy way to get a mobile, as contract phone deals allowed the customers to pay the amount of the services and the handset in equal denominations over a period of time. However, the contract phone deals were found with flaws as it did not allow the users to move from one network to another network which fulfills their requirements rather than the network that comes under their contract deal.

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