The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Better than you think.

SAR Ratings for Cell Phones: Do They Really Eliminate Mobile Phone Health Risks?

SAR ratings for cell phones are misleading. They do not guide you to safety in buying a cell phone. Low-SAR phones can be more dangerous than high-SAR phones. Furthermore, non-thermal radiation is more an issue than thermal radiation.

Step by Step Guide on How to Make iPhone Ringtones

One of the good things in the iPhone – it is an opportunity to make your own ringtones. Making iPhone ringtones is really tough for most of the users. The users have to follow some steps for making iPhone ringtones.

Tips To Free Up Space In Your Smart Phone

Apparently, finding space in your phone is becoming a pain in the neck as seen by many who try to find out how to find more space in their phone and necessarily not willing to delete that vital information they still want to hold on to. After the space has been filled up, you may still have the need to store up more photos, videos or information and so what do you do? Here are ways you can try to create more space in your phone so as to continue enjoying more.

White iPhone 5 – A Sure Hit Even Before Release

Apple is famous for releasing new products tightly packed with amazing features at exactly the right time, which is why the demand for new Apple products is high. Apple keeps itself distinguished and extremely popular by coming out with sleek, elegant looking devices that have cutting edge, and revolutionary features in them. This time, the hype is revolving around the new white iPhone 5 release date, which is expected to be in late September or mid-October and a lot of Apple critics believe the hype is all for good reason.

Nokia C5-00 a Mid Rage Device

Nokia has launched the new Nokia C5 mobile phone. Nokia C5 features Bluetooth connectivity and 3.15 mega-pixel camera with LED flash. Nokia C5 is a 3G mobile phone.

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