The global chip shortage, explained

SS7: Does It Leave Mobile Users Vulnerable to Hacking?

What is SS7 and how does it leave your mobile devices vulnerable? Signalling System No. 7 allows phone networks to exchange information required for making calls or text messaging. However, it can also leave mobile consumers open for hacking.

How to Optimize Your Android Device: 7 Steps Analysis

The slow speed and performance issues on any device can cause waste of time and efforts. Apply certain steps to optimize your android’s performance.

iPhone Repair Parts – Save Your Broken iPhone

Most iPhone users have experienced it – the utter fright when you first realize that something about your beloved device isn’t right. It might be a malfunctioning part or maybe a dead battery or, God forbid, you have dropped the phone to the ground by mistake! No matter what unforgiving state of disrepair your phone might have reached, there is always that gut wrenching moment when the proud iPhone user prays to God Almighty that their device may still be salvageable.

What to Look for When Buying a Refurbished Smartphone

Refurbished phones are reworked upon to reach peak levels of performance. Here is what you should keep in mind while buying such devices.

The iPhone 7, Worth The Investment?

Apple has launched the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The phones will be available shortly and pre-orders, according to reports, are extremely strong. Early indicators show the new device offers some nice upgrades over the iPhone6, and 6S.

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