The GMC Hummer EV is STUPID (Good)

Beware Of Minimum Spend Clauses in Mobile Airtime Contracts

With the maturing of the global mobile airtime marketplace operators struggle to offer anything different to large corporate clients. The clever application stuff tends to come from niche providers, even though some operators try and white label their offerings, it is clear the real intellectual property resides elsewhere. Against this back drop and an understanding that they really only provide a commodity solution, access and transportation, the operators desperately try and cling to their existing customers and try and tempt customers away from their competition with one tool only,……PRICE! The problem is they no longer have the margin to throw away and create a silly market beating offer, and their company representatives go back and forth to their finance departments begging for more margin to give away. They no longer have the luxury of doing this and therefore need to offset this against a guaranteed minimum spend in the contracts, this is where you need to be careful.

Blackberry Repair Parts – How to Find Affordable and Suitable Parts

The blackberry smart phone is chic, sleek, elegant and a desire for too many people. It’s a sure deal business because everyone either wants one or already has one. Have you got yourself one already? If you have then you must be that person with a wide grin slapped across your face, simply because the blackberry phone brings that much happiness.

Make Your Life Easier Using a Reverse Phone Lookup

If you’ve ever been frustrated over phone calls you don’t recognize, or if you’ve ever written down a number but forgot to place it with a name, don’t worry: a reverse phone search can help. This is a quick, easy solution to help you place a number with a name.

2010 Mobile Phones

2010 Mobile Phones are changing by the month it seems. In 2009 mobile device users had a lot of choices. As developments in the mobile industry change, so do the variety of mobile products available.

Archos Releases 5 Android Internet Tablet Devices

The Android tablet is promising to give the iPad stiff competition. While the iPad was the first commercially successful tablet computer, Android based competitors are currently in development and nearing entrance to the marketplace.

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