The Newest Gaming Smartphone Monster is HERE…

Create Your Own Smartphone App With an App Developer

Almost everyone has a Smartphone and if they don’t then they’re planning on purchasing one or upgrading to one, smartphones are the start to a new way of life, you can do almost everything from your phone as long as you have the right app.   There are now apps for almost everything whether that’s price comparison so you find what you want at the cheapest price or being able to order from your favourite takeaway without having to ring them up. Apps are helping to make our lives easier, magazines have apps to help you locate the…

What to Know When Buying a Cell Phone

Choosing a cell phone has become almost as complicated as buying a desktop computer. As new generations of phones hit the market the feature-rich list of options and apps will continue to grow.

The Bellperre Nero Gold – Luxury With Simplicity

Bellperre is a renowned name in the luxury cell phone industry. This company has introduced many cell phones that have redefined the meaning of luxury and elegance.

Your Voice Is My Command – The Apple 4s Story

SIRI voice recognition technology used in the Apple iPhone 4s has revolutionized the way mobile phones are made. It’s a virtual assistant, prompting you to wake up early in the morning or even finding a restaurant of your choice. Asking the phone weird questions gets wacky replies.

Beware Of Certain Cell Phone Providers

A lot of network carriers are offering promising options to their mobile users. As much as most of these offerings sound too good to be true, not all of these are for real. For this reason, network subscribers especially the postpaid plan holders should be aware of the most common things that service providers do in order to rip off their subscribers without the latter knowing it.

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