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Guide to Buying a Refurbished iPhone – Two Great Tips That Will Help in Your Purchase

So you are thinking about buying a refurbished iPhone? It is definitely a great idea since you can get an incredible smart phone without paying top dollar as you would if you purchased it directly from an Apple Store. There are a couple main things that you will need to think about before making your purchase especially if this is your first purchase of a refurbished electronic device.

New iPhone App Puts You at a Fake GPS Point to Fool Estranged Ex Boyfriends!

If you are a good-looking gal, perhaps you have an old boyfriend who won’t leave you alone. And maybe that’s the reason that “How to Dump Your Boyfriend” ended up on the New York Times bestseller’s list. Now then, with all these new iPhone apps, and all of your new friends on Facebook, it just so happens that there are ways that some of your friends may be able to track where you are, and where you go, perhaps even use that information to guestimate where you will go in the future as well.

iPhone Apps for Kids

This article discusses the most useful iPhone apps for kids. From games to educational apps, there are a lot of useful apps for kids available in the app Store.

How To Join A Wi-Fi Network And A Mobile Data Network On Your iPhone

Now that you have the information of how the iPhone connects to the internet we will look over how to join a Wi-Fi network and Mobile Data Network using your iPhone in this simple guide into networks and the iPhone. In your iPhone setting there is an option that lets you turn on Wi-Fi and join the networks. When the setting is turned on the iPhone detects networks in your range, you are then able to select the network.

Top iPhone Apps

In this article I cover top iPhone apps – one each for Games, Social Networking, Music, Travel and Entertainment. These can verily be called the must-have apps for any iPhone.

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