The Thinnest Smartphone in the World.

An Overview Of The New HTC Explorer Device

One would not expect the HTC Explorer to match the likes of the Sensation XL and the Evo 3D for technical specification and it does not but it still offers enough to ensure that operation is both fast and satisfying. A 600Mhz processor is more than adequate to ensure the phone performs at a swift pace and when running a single task you can expect performance to be at a similar level to models such as the Wildfire S.

Motorola RAZR Also Known As the Motorola Droid RAZR Announced for Release

Motorola has now announced the release of a new handset which many will recognise the name of, the new Motorola RAZR – which is also to be called the Motorola RAZR Droid in America takes on the branding from a previous phone sold some years ago called the Motorola RAZR V3. The new Motorola RAZR is a very different phone to the V3 and it looks like the manufacturer is aiming to gain interest from one of its best-selling mobile phone models of all time by using the RAZR name tag once again. There is some exciting new technology…

How Can Reverse Phone Number Lookup Help You Trace a Phone Call?

This article talks about how to trace the phone calls of a suspicious spouse. It provides the tips to find out the owner information of a phone number using a reverse phone lookup.

The BlackBerry Outage: Who’s to Blame and Will It Happen Again?

This week, millions of BlackBerry users remained without service for three days straight, due to a network outage. You all know what BlackBerry stands for and why people buy it. Business wise and for personal communications, this is the perfect device. Great e-mail service and a long history of satisfying their customers made RIM (Research in Motion, maker of BlackBerry smartphones) a very powerful company.

Travel Tips For Your Android Phone

When travelling you would want to have your smartphone with you, use it like you always do, have fun with it and generally refer to it for any query of life. The weather is fair and you want to visit a theme park, go out to the beach to sunbathe or simply gaze into the beautiful summer sky and do all this while chatting via 2go or uploading videos to YouTube using your phone. Well, you can do that and much more thanks to life of android, a company in Britain that sacrificed some quality holiday time to come up with the following travel tips.

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