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iPhone Tricks: 3 Ways Of Retrieving Deleted Text Messages

What should you do when you delete an important message on your iPhone? The last thing you should do is worry as there are many ways of retrieving the message. Here are 3 of the most effective ways: Retrieving from iCloud If your phone backs up messages, you will have an easy time retrieving them on iCloud. To confirm if your message is on iCloud you should login to the site using your Apple ID and password.

Little Tricks To Free Up Your iPhone’s Space

Is your iPhone’s storage space full? Here are simple tricks to free up some of the space: Get rid of useless, space hogging apps It’s common to be excited of a new app then after some time you are jaded. While most people don’t use these apps, they don’t delete them. To free up some space you should find the apps that you no longer use and get rid of them. There are two ways of deleting these apps: from the setting app and from the home screen.

Guide On How To Clear Junk Files From Your iPhone

One of the most effective ways of clearing up your iPhone’s data is clearing junk files and cache. In addition to getting rid of the files that you don’t need, clearing cache also increases your phone’s speed. There are many ways of clearing cache and junk files. Here are some of the most effective ways:

Is Your iPhone’s Storage Full? 6 Ways To Free-Up Some Space

Is your iPhone’s memory full? You don’t have to worry as there are many things that you can do to reclaim the space. The first thing that you should do is finding out the applications that are taking plenty of your space. To do this you should go to settings, general, storage & iCloud storage and then manage storage. Here you should find the apps that are taking much of your space. If there are any that you aren’t using, you should delete them immediately.

20 Tips to Save Your Mobile Phone Battery Life

We rely increasingly on our smartphones,so it’s more of a problem when the battery finally gives out. So what can you do to eek that little bit more life out of your phone? You might be surprised by some of the tricks you can pull off!

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