This 3D-printed habitat is what humans will live in on Mars

Hottest Smartphones for Selfies

Selfies are here to stay, and feeding this fad are several smartphone brands that have released phones that help capture the perfect selfie. Selfies seem to be a fad that refuses to die out.

10 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone

If you are like most of us, your smartphone is probably the centre of your personal or commercial universe, containing as it does all sorts of sensitive information. But how do you protect it from being stolen or hacked? Here are 10 things you can do to protect your smartphone.

Wiko’s Getaway May Have a Hard Time Beating Obi’s Hornbill in Kenya

Walking along the streets of Kenya’s capital Nairobi, it is hard to miss large signboards of two competing smartphone companies, a relatively established player, Wiko Mobiles, and a more recent player, Obi Mobiles, a company co-founded by John Sculley, ex-CEO of Pepsi Co and Apple. Both the brands are offering youth oriented high performance smartphones with attractive designs and affordable prices. However, the top down advertising without access to a detailed analysis of the products can be misleading sometimes.

Tips On How To Recover Data In An iOS Device

Have you just deleted important data from your Mac device? Don’t fret as there are many ways in which you can recover the information. Here are some of the ways in which you can recover the information: Restore Information Directly From Your Phone You should start by connecting your device to your computer and scan the device using your data recovery program. The scanning process varies depending on the amount of content in the phone. After the scanning process is over you should now choose the content that you want to recover and click “Recover.”

Tips On How To Restore Lost Data In Your Phone

It’s common to accidentally delete photos, videos, or any other files. When this happens to you, you shouldn’t worry as you can recover the data regardless of whether you are rooted or not. When you realize that you have deleted an important file you should switch off your Wi-Fi and internet connection. This is to prevent automatic updates from taking place and overwriting your data before you get the lost files

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