This blaster shoots 120 foam discs 120 feet per second (Shelby Destroyer)

The Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Phone Games

Mobile phone gaming has come along way over the years. Many phone makers have tried and failed, but it was not until Apple released the iPhone that we truly saw the emergence mobile gaming for the masses. Nowadays you can see people from all walks of life tapping their screens on the train trying to beat their best scores.

Verizon Replacement Phone – A True Story

Losing a cell phone can be a huge detriment to day to day life for many people, thankfully you can get a Verizon replacement phone if you are covered by their warranty or protection plans. A year ago I regrettably put my now ex girlfriends phone through the washing machine, completely destroying it beyond repair. Fortunately she was covered by Verizon’s extended warranty and overnight was shipped a Verizon replacement phone to use.

Getting the Most Out of Your Prepaid Phone Card

Calling cards are not related with any name, number and address. These cards can be used from any phone and at the same time maintains privacy. If you are tired of your heavy call bills and you frequently make international calls, so you need to get one calling card which offers you the best deal.

Cheap Mobile Phones: Cheap But Reliable Handset for Everyone

For many people cell phone is just a communication but for some it is a flaunting asset. Leading network providers are providing all the latest handsets with advance features at an affordable price.

Prepaid Cellular Phone – Is A Prepaid Cellular Phone Better Than Signing A 2-Year Contract?

So you’re stuck on deciding between switching to prepaid or signing a new 2 year contract. Don’t be worried, many people are thinking about making the switch every single day. You’re probably so overloaded with information that you don’t know what to do with it. Well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Today, I want to help you with your decision and show you the good, the bad, and the ugly about what you’re getting into.

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