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What 4G Means For You

4G refers to the fourth generation in cellular wireless technology standards. It is the successor to 3G, which has been the standard for cellular wireless technology till now.

How to Maximise Your Phone’s Battery Life

Since the dawn of portable telephony, battery life has been an issue. The first commercially available mobile phone – the DynaTAC 8000X – only carried an hour’s talk time. And if we’re honest, sometimes it feels like time hasn’t really moved on – with our blinking smart phones sputtering ‘out of power’ after only a few hours use. But fear not! With a bit of love and light work, you can dramatically increase your phone’s battery life.

Nokia E72 – Smartphone With Smart Deals

Nokia is the among the leading brand of mobile phone companies and the brand name is enough to carry out the objective of good sales. Nokia E72 is the new mobile phone which is capable of performing all tasks with accuracy along with some excellent features. It has got the name of the brand which it is going to take it further to new heights.

Headsets – Adds Elegance to Your Life Style

In today’s world of fashion and exclusive trends everybody is trying to use devices which improve their living standard. One of the devices which can make your dream come true is headsets which are most probably available with the handset you are buying. Headsets can be classified in to cordless headsets which are in demand more than the wired headsets.

Business Applications on the iPhone

ContactsPlus XL is an application you can use. The real plus point with this application is that it can be loaded to your phone and it will immediately use the contents of your phone book. No need to load numbers into it.

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