This New Smartphone is Like LIQUID Metal…

The Best Deals for International Calls on Pay As You Go and Unlimited Phone Plans

This article is about the deals available and prices for international calls. It highlights the benefits of calling internationally and the ease with which this is possible.

Top Android Apps: Buka, Gem Miner and Radiant

Android is on a roll. According to Nielsen, Google Android has grabbed 61% market share in the US in the last quarter of 2011, surpassing iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Android Market has crossed 500,000 apps and still counting. There is lots more for gamers with a plethora of choice. Android handsets offers a huge display screen, a powerful processor like snapdragon, sliding keyboard and a good battery life. There are some great titles in Android games that will suit fanatics. The gamers have three demanding titles they can play the games on. The flip side of Android is the device fragmentation issue with different versions sported in different handsets.

Cellular Phones Are More Than Devices for Simply Making Phone Calls

Communication has changed tremendously over the past few years. Cellular phones have become a major piece of equipment used to fulfill this important aspect of our lives. As they constantly grow in popularity their manufacturers add new and upgrade existing features on regular bases. These little devices have even become irreplaceable in certain situations.

Call Forwarding – Comfortable Way of Communication

It is a fact that rapid advancements have taken place in the field of telecommunications and today there are several sophisticated systems with many standard as well as advanced features. But of all the several features available, one of the most valuable features is ‘call forwarding’. By virtue of forwarding feature, business owners are able to be in constant touch with their employees and more importantly, no customer call is ever missed.

How Smartphones Blur the Line Between Reality and the Digital World

Cellular technology has evolved significantly over the past few decades. Less than 20 years ago, most cell phones weighed at least 8 pounds. Modern cellphones are more powerful than some computers and are the size of a pack of cards.

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