Unboxing a phone from Space.

iPhone 4 Tricks You Did Not Know

Smart phones such as iPhone 4 have an enormous category of features. Naturally, users are not aware of all the features. It is important that you grasp all the iPhone 4 tricks in good time; that way you can make your experience further enhanced every day. I would simply like to speed up the process of learning all the features by giving you access to all the iPhone 4 tricks I am aware of.

Unique Voice Control – iPhone 4 Feature

The latest in the iPhone line up — i.e. iPhone 4 — has got more features than were ever displayed before and is also better looking. The Apple team has totally revamped the entire design plus the technology is fantastic this time. This is not to put down the previous iPhone models in any way.

HTC Launches Its First WP7-Laden Handset (Review – HTC Mozart)

The HTC Mozart is the first handset in the country to carry Microsoft’s latest windows phone 7 operating system (OS). It is sleek and is comfortable to hold. On the front, Microsoft’s customary logo doubles up as a touch sensitive home key which is placed at the centre under the 3.7 inch 480×800 resolution touchscreen. The display features a proximity sensor and multi-touch

Quick Look at the Droid X

Motorola is experiencing a bit of an renaissance these days. The pairing of the company’s phones with Google’s Android phone OS has been a winning combination for Motorola.

How Hotels Can Use Mobile Marketing to Increase Revenue and Improve Customer Relationships

Think about the number of guests who visit your hotel annually. What would the difference be to your overall profit if you could tempt each customer to spend at least one pound/euro/dollar more during their stay? Using mobile marketing to promote your hotel’s added services to your guests during their visit could help you accomplish this. This might be special offers/events in your restaurant/bar or any other additional service.

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