Unboxing PS5 Cosmic Red & Midnight Black DualSense Controllers!

Mobile Phone’s Growth in India

India is one of the most popular markets for cell phones in the world. It was in the year 1995, the first cellular network from Modi Groups were introduced in Kolkata. Soon cellular networks from other companies such as BPL, Orange (now Vodafone), Airtel, BSNL and Idea Cellular were introduced in all over India.

Five Common BYOD Mistakes for Enterprise Mobility

As the bring your own device or BYOD trend is exploding among businesses and organizations, enterprises are searching for the perfect solution for their employee-liable devices. A BYOD policy must be customized to the company to meet their specific needs and there is not one right solution for every company. When implementing a BYOD program, there are several common mistakes that can lead to disgruntled workers, lower productivity as well as higher costs and mobile security headaches.

Mobile Applications: What Is The Future Of Mobile Apps?

Mobile application companies are in a frenzy, clambering to take advantage of a lickety-split customer demand, endeavoring to stay one stride ahead in a highly-aggressive market. What is on the horizon for mobile apps? Where are these mobile app trends headed? Why are they important for you? How will this craze effect users of smartphones in the next few years? How can you benefit monetarily by adapting to this trend? Here’s what smartphone users need to know and why everything matters.

Simplifying Life With SIM

A SIM, or Subscriber Identity Module, is a card located inside many mobile phones and other mobile devices. These cards serve a couple primary purposes. For one, they store data, such as the phone owner’s contact list.

Nokia Lumia 505: An Ideal Phone

Nokia Lumia 505 has created ripples in the overcrowded phone market with its design, features and apps. It has been discussed in articles, blogs and even in the physical market. A healthy discussion on this phone contains both the advantages and disadvantages.

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