Unboxing Samsung’s Mind Bending New Display…

Butt Dial Phone Calls In A High Tech Society

Have you ever been a victim of a butt dial? Have you ever accidentally pocket or purse dialed someone? It does happen, and a few preventative measures might save you from some embarrassing and/or compromising situations. Read more.

Best Wireless Cell Phone Service – 5 Tips to Choose the Best Ones

Do you find yourself faced with the problem of choosing the best wireless cell phone providers? Here are simple tips that can help you get started with examples of good wireless cellphone providers. A good cell phone provider can help you save costs and enjoy effective services.

Who Is Calling? Try A Phone Number Reverse Search!

One way to find out who is calling you or someone you care about is to use a phone number reverse search. Sometimes the name of the caller will be blanked out but the number is still visible. This is because a lot of people have their phone lines set up to only accept calls from people who reveal a phone number. If the name and the number are blocked, often the caller will be not be able to complete the call.

A History of the Mobile Phone Ringtone

From random beeps to the Crazy Frog and the traditional phone ring to the latest pop songs, mobile phone have been emitting a range of noises over the years. Whilst an annoyance to everyone else, some people take great pride in selecting the right tune for their ringtone.

Why One Should Only Use Quality Repair Parts for the iPhone 3G and 3GS

iPhone is one of the most delicate electronic gadgets available in the market. It is really important to practice some basic precautionary measures to save your gadget from any major damage. There are a number of companies offering iPhone accessories in the market but only some of them are focusing on the quality of the products.

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