Valve announces Steam Deck

Considerations Before Committing To A Cell Phone Contract

Before getting yourself locked in a long-term contract, consider asking yourself, and your cell phone company, some important questions. You are probably right to be a little bit suspicious!

Telegram – A Strong Competitor to WhatsApp

Text messaging apps have become very popular as more and more people are using them to stay in touch with friends and family. Telegram is a new entry which might prove a strong competitor to WhatsApp.

Why Is Making Apps For Android Different From iOS?

We’ve all heard about iOS being the first and foremost target of most software owners and developers. Yet Android dominates worldwide in numbers, and can hardly be called something second to iOS. These two are completely different mobile platforms with completely different philosophies and approaches to software development.

How NFC Can Be Used in Advertising?

While use of NFC (near field communication) has recently emerged as an effective technology in Dubai, it has been adopted with open arms in other countries. There are more than 70 million NFC-enabled devices in Japan; accounting for six out of 10 mobile devices there. People in metropolitan areas in Japan have an option to pay for commutes through NFC.

Text Messaging Mobile Apps – The New Way to Communicate

In the beginning, there were simple mobile phones. The primary aim of mobile phones was to enable people to call and talk to each other. In just a few years, how things have changed!

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