Vivo X70 Pro Plus – SO MUCH Camera 😂

7 Tips For Mobile Phone Marketing Success

Are you looking to get started in mobile phone marketing? Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be hard! This type of marketing is actually quite simple and so effective that you’ll be very pleased once you have it in place. Let me help you with my easy mobile phone marketing guide.

Speculation Grows About The Launch Of The iPhone 5

There is another strong indication that we may be looking at a September release date for the iPhone 5 as this is the month that Apple are set to debut their much hyped iOS5 operating system. The manufacturers will be keen to launch the two products at the same time as the new OS feature many improvements that they will be eager to show on their newest handset.

Zero Cost And Best Android Finance Apps

This post centers around the incredibly excellent no cost Android finance apps. What can finance apps undertake and how will they support? In essence, for a short, all-surrounding answer: all these Android Apps focus on cash and if they’re applied, they’ll allow you to conserve some money!

The New Droid 3 – Bigger and Better

The new, big, and smart Droid 3 by Motorola from Verizon USA has finally launched with so many pros and very few cons. It is a “167” grams, 124 x 64 x 13 mm smart phone with a huge 4.0 inch display that throws up 16 million colors in a 540 x 960 resolution touch screen.

Mobile Phone Operating Systems

Mobile phones are really undergoing explosive development. One can practically experience everything including internet, banking, credit card operations and eCommerce, today through mobile phones. New mobile phones take pride in their advanced mobile operating system software. The earlier mobile phones were considered luxurious if they sported music players and cameras. But today mere music and camera are considered outdated in a mobile device. Operating systems arrived in a big way for these handheld devices and changed the whole game.

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