Watch Autonomous Black Hawk Fly With No Pilot

Micromax Q75 Mobile Features and Functionalities

The new Micromax q75 mobile phone comes with the full QWERTY keypad and featuring with the dual sim standby option. It is another sizzling mobile phone by Micromax with better and improved features. It carries the 3.2 mega pixel camera which gives the good picture quality output. The Micromax q75 mobile phone has trackball for easy navigation and also supports the Wireless LAN Wi-Fi option which is more capable for the fast browsing of net, online gaming and fast download speed.

I Lost My BlackBerry And Didn’t Panic

Backup your data and keep your info in the cloud, so that it is not a nightmare when/if you lose your smartphone. There are several free ways to do that.

The Smart-Phone Industry – Software

Smart-phone software is constantly being developed and updated. A major factor being analyzed in this article is smart-phone security. Security is an extremely important factor for smart-phones, since they are used for essential functions such as logging in to bank accounts and using confidential passwords.

The Smart Phone Industry – Application

A major factor analysed in this article, is the application development tools that the three different smart phones provide to their users. The applications of iPhones are developed by users with the use of Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE).

Why You Need to Recycle Mobile Phones?

Today along with plastic, nuclear and chemical waste mankind is facing a problem with e-waste. The main culprit of the e-waste is the mobile phones. Now the need of the time is recycling of the mobile phones. E-waste can be combined with computers and other electronic devices, but mobile phones are giving a strong competition among them.

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