Watch Google’s entire Pixel 6 event in 11 minutes

The LG Optimus 3D Is Visually Stunning

If life’s good, LG has definitely made it better with its newest handset – the LG Optimus 3D. For the first time a mobile phone will feature integrated 3D capabilities. And yes, it’s the first in the Smartphone market to showcase 3D technology.

Growth of Mobile Apps Industry in India

As per a report, mobile-app downloads would grow at a rate of 92 per cent per year, and by 2012 the download count would be 50 billion across the planet. India, being a trend following country, wouldn’t take much time to open the door to embrace a full-fledged mobile-apps market.

IGotchi App Review

Since I got my iPhone, I have been waiting for an app that is similar to the handheld digital pet toy called “Tamagotchi” You may remember it being a hot item marketed back in the 90’s. The basis of the toy consented of taking care of a little egg, which hatched upon turning the toy on. You got to name it, then nurture it into a cool little digital pet. The needs of your pet were pretty standard, feed it, clean up after it and play with it and it will grow. Keep it full, clean and happy- easy right?

Apple IOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Explained

Apple iOS 5 was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in early June 2011. When released, it will be supported on the iPad, iPod, iPhone 3GS, 4 and 5. After watching the official video posted on YouTube and gathering all the information I could, I have decided to publish this article explaining the enhancements of iOS 5 as of when it becomes available to the public.

Nokia W8 Deals – Awesome and Affordable Windows Mobile Phone

To get the most lucrative Nokia W8 deals which have offered from the main leading networks in UK, you will gain numerous offers and freebies. Feature-wise, this gorgeous handset includes all-rounder features in a single device that offers its users to enjoy multi-tasking functions.

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