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How Smart Is Nokia’s New Phone?

Nokia is making a comeback to the smartphone arena having previously failed to impress consumers with their just-average versions of the smartphone. Surpassed by RIM, Apple and Android, Nokia needed to shake up production or risk losing their long-standing reputation of making excellent quality, innovative phones. Part of their reinvention involved teaming up with Microsoft to form an alliance which would power the new range of Nokia phones through Windows Mobile.

Will Apple Regain Market Share With the iPhone 5?

The new Apple iPhone 5 is expected to have consumers forming lines at Apple stores to obtain the new device. Apple almost does not hold the lead in smartphone market share. will the new device send ripples to the market and give Apple a bigger market share?

Smartphones Versus Non-Smartphones

You’ve been looking for the best non smartphone, because you think a smartphone may be too expensive. Here is the straight talk on smartphones versus non smartphones, and the costs for each. It’s important to consider all of the costs involved – not just the smartphone purchase alone.

How to Use an Android

Androids have evolved over the last year and given other Smartphones a run for their money. But there can be some difficulty getting used to all the features that an Android phone has available to users. Many people are afraid of spending all the money on one and then not being able to take full benefit of them. While it may take a little more effort to learn the Android system and get it set up just like you want it, you are sure to enjoy the benefits once you are accustomed to using it. When an Android phone is configured properly it will actually be a lot easier to use than many of the other mobile phone operating systems.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Developing Smartphone Apps?

These days, the development of apps for the smart phones has become an important step in the mobile marketing campaigns of most organizations. Given the fact that a large number of people use these mobile devices, it is very beneficial to involve smart phone apps development in all promotional strategies.

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