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Android Is Beating iOS in the Smartphone Wars

With every day that passes, more and more people are waking up to the fact that Android smartphones are outstripping the capabilities of Apple’s precious iPhone. While it was Apple that fired the early salvoes, it looks like the tables are getting turned in the smartphone wars.

Low Budget Smartphones Are Best

The best way to find the perfect smartphone is to look deeply for it, beyond expensive advertising. The low budget smartphones are in many cases the best ones to go for and this article will briefly explain why.

Small Size Smartphones Are Better

This article shows the disadvantages of very large smartphones and what actually matters in the specifications list of a smartphone. It also shows the benefits of smaller sized smartphones that are not so highly promoted as the large ones.

The Speed of a Smartphone

The article tries to explain what makes a smartphone work fast. It also reviews the some popular networking standards and some types of microprocessors.

Poor Mobile Signals And Tips To Boost Them

Poor signal is a common problem in terms of mobile phones, but there are ways to boost the signals. However, never think that you can do it quickly because such a reception issue occurs for different reasons including atmospheric, or topographical problem that hinder the frequencies coming to or from the phone. Before trying any method, you should make sure that your phone is properly charged, and even after that if signals are poor, then try the given tricks.

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